July 18, 2012


We needed a "don't come back here and get mauled by our dog" sign for our gate, but I was really uninspired by the selection of "Beware of Dog" signs available at the hardware store. So I painted one and now I want to be a sign painter. I found a decent font online and made a stencil.
I cut the stencil out and transferred the letters to a piece of painted wood.
I painted the base letters with ivory acrylic paint.
Then added some safety orange.
Then a combo of the two.
I did a thin gold outline around the letter edges and taped off stripes for a border.
The gold paint proved to be a good choice, as it has a reflective look at night when light hits it.
Finished sign with guard dog, who is obviously slacking on the job here.
The sign doesn't lie.


jolyne said...

so very proud of the sign making! Cant wait for you to see the RRV ones ones.

jimmy mcbride said...

love the sign! and the dog!