May 8, 2012


I don't really think of myself as a fringy-kind of girl, I normally dress much more plain jane like jean-and-Tshirts kind of deal. But I really love making fringe, tassels - that kind of thing. So I though it would be fun to try some clothes with a little extra flair in the form of a fringy vest. The finished result is actually very wearable - I'll just put it with the ratty old stuff I normally wear and it works just fine. In fact, I like this first vest so much it spawned a mini collection, I'll share the other piece soon (or soon-ish, since I obviously am not very good about keeping updated here lately).

Some ideas I started with. Also, if I ever have a band, it will be called "The Vestectomies" and I will make us all fancy vests to wear.
Simple pattern, front and back.
Sewing the mock-up.
Trying the thing on to make sure it fits. It does. 
Making a couple corrections with my "you got an F" red pen.
Sewing some fake fringe on to make sure it looks ok.
Cutting - this is a really amazing dove grey goat suede.
Cutting fringe. I usually use an Exacto but my blade
was dull so scissors had to work.
Sewing the whole thing together.

Here is my hunchback sewing stance.
Pattern, mock-up, finished vest. I know 'vestido' does not mean vest but I kept wanting to call it that.


FSK said...

bad ASS!!!!

reid.damnit said...

did you then twirl around and around making fringe fly in all directions? that would be the only thing I would be good for for the rest of the day...

Liz said...

@reid.damnit - Yes, totally swing that fringe around, how did you know?