November 29, 2011


I finally got that new camera I've been needing for so long! And I needed something safe to tote my precious new investment around in. So I made a nice little bag for it. Fidel always likes to get into the photo shoot, he's such a diva.Canon PowerShot G12. It's a great camera - smallish, takes amazing photos, and has the capacity to do so much more than I'll ever be able to figure out.
I made a quick pattern and then dumped all of the odd shaped leather scraps I accumulate onto the floor. I found two pieces that fit the pattern perfectly, so it was good to go.I wanted some padding in the bag in case I drop it, which I probably will. Foam would have been ideal, but I had wool batting leftover from the lining of THIS jacket, which will work just as well. The batting is like a big fluffy cloud of fabric.I made a zig zag template like the lining from above jacket because I love zig zag pattern.Here's the front and back of the bag with the batting sewn to the leather.
Now the zipper is sewn in and it's almost ready.I had more leftover fabric from THIS OTHER JACKET so I used that for the lining.Sewing the lining down on my Juki with a zipper foot.All done. It accommadates the camera, battery charger, and a couple other little things.Here's the gear that fits inside.Here is my friend Tomoko, who kindly agreed to have a quick pic taken so you can see the size of the bag. Thanks, Tomoko!



Oh what I would give to be able to whip up leather goods as needed on a whim. Those are some good ass "hand talents" (as old Korean people would say) you got there.

Sunters said...

I love it !


India said...

wooow love it!

Kasia said...

Wow! That's great! Love your blog!<3

andrea said...

Amazing, as always. Your work is so professional & impressive! I love your blog so much & am continually amazed at the things you create. I've been reading for awhile & not sure if I've ever hi!