July 14, 2011


I'm going to make some shirts to sell since there seems to be some interest in them...email me or commment if there is a certain fabric print you are interested in (unfortunately I can't get any more of the space print as they were old pillowcases). Below styles are the others I made last weekend. I love the iphone over-saturated colorway, but see below for slightly better photos with more realistic color representation. I'll post when shirts are in the store!

Tea-dyed rose batik cotton print in black and orange:
Natural cotton lawn with hand dyed black pattern (same fabric from the shirt I made HERE a while back).Thanks for your interest!


Anonymous said...

lizzy, me n tobes want one! fabric pref. = thin leather :) xoxo

Al said...

i'm digging the tie dye one. and a thin leather would be cool too!



reid.damnit said...

tie dye if space is unavailable!

Psychedelicsister said...

Love it.