May 9, 2011


Typical trip to my leather supplier. I want everything, I only need and have the budget for a few things. I can only dream of the wardrobe I'd make if I had free range to take what I wanted from here.
Rows and rows of every kind of leather.
I want it all.
Rolls of leather lacingBrindle hair-on cow hides. You don't see these very often.
Rabbit fur. Pink, red, spotted, they have it all.
Printed hair-0n hides.
Curly lamb.Here's the leather I buy for bags.Sarah and her picks.gimme gimme gimme. i need some more. gimme
gimme gimme. don't ask what for.

1 comment:

Rackk and Ruin said...

LIZ!!! Please tell me where this place is!! The next time I go visit my sister in SF i MUST go here. Please share you secret supplier!!