March 28, 2011


Made this new cosmetic bag real quick with scrapes I had laying around - Halloween colors I guess! But I need help...I've been using my iPhone as my camera and it SUCKS.

I need camera suggestions! Something that is fairly easy, takes good photos, and isn't a million dollars? I'm not a photographer - I just need something to easily photograph the things I make. Suggestions?


reid.damnit said...

canon G11 - or the G12 is out right now. manual settings and automatic. simply the best digital/crossover camera

rebeccaerinjay said...

Agreed. It's gonna run you about 500 bucks, but it'll do the job well.

Gnar Jen said...

oh shit, i really fuckin love this bag. really into the black and orange! and the shape is so perfect. SO SICK Liz!!!

p.s. i use a canon powershot SD630 digital elph that is the best camera i've used and it was only like $300. most of the powershots are a real good price.

CRIT said...

Nikon Coolpix S6000

Picked one up at Costco for $125

Rackk and Ruin said...

first off, awesome bag. second: i LOVE my Canon S95 it runs almost $400 but is amazing.