January 25, 2011


Here's another insane crafter with a lot of patience and skill: Julie Floersch. She's got an knack for sculptural quilting and a penchant for denim. She gives leftover clothing a whole new life in the form of origami-like bedding and jewelery. Check her stuff out, it's pretty amazing.

The 5,000 Piece Quilt Of Insanity (aptly named, in my opinion).Denim on Denim Pillow 2Origami Star Pillow 1Quilted curtains
Denim on Denim Pillow 1Patchwork Tipi (flat on the ground)Patchwork Tipi Installed (I would love to hide out in here!)Wow wow wow! Check her out here: Etsy store KWILTI, and WEBSITE.


rebeccaerinjay said...

Oh man! Those curtains!

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

WHOA quilted curtains!

That teepee is gorgeous and probably 9 jillion dollars.