November 19, 2010


Mediocre photos of a completely not mediocre day. I was too busy having fun to really bother with photos.

Oakland Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs 11/7. Tailgate call time 10:00am. Entering Raider's Shantytown, good times as far as you can see.Pouring rain and beer pong already in full effect.Grill Master Toby and the best burger in town.
Burgers with cheese and pineapple slices. Ribs, chicken skewers, and fried catfish for dessert.
VIP portable bar set up and some dude.
Raiders keg.
KC - pro tailgater with festive flair.
Friends and fisherman.Visit from the rival. That took balls.
Piss On Chiefs
Party and Bullshit.
Coliseum ready for the game, rain or shine
Raider Nation, here we go.
Full house.
Going for it.
I kind of love cheerleaders.
That's it. We won, we ate, we drank some more. It was a good day.

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rebeccaerinjay said...

Um. No mention of lame (accent on the e)?