September 17, 2010


I love Oregon. We took an amazing motorcycle day trip from Portland up the Columbia Gorge, around Mt. Hood and back. Here is my poser shot, I was a passenger, not a driver. Don't be jealous of my leather fringe chaps.
Here was our route. This is such amazing landscape and if you have a car or motorcycle or something with wheels and an engine, you should go see it.There's Mt. Hood's snowy cap in the background.
We stopped to pick apples.
Green somethings on the left, Sansas on the right.
Pink Pearl with baby pink insides. This was a delicious apple.And THEN: A wasp flew into the tiny hole in the arm of my jacket while we were on the highway going 80. I got a nasty sting that's still not completely gone after 6 days. Random? Yes.
Hard, swollen, itchy arm. I love road trips.


Anonymous said...

lizzy, u were born to roll..

Fashion Serial Killer said...

yeah girl! but damn those bees.. ouch!

Leora said...

Can't help it. I'm totally jealous of the leather fringe chaps.