July 28, 2010


Hello, new Russian friend!! I will totally smoke a crazy hooka with you and go make some cool leather stuff! This is Maxim Sharov. He lives somewhere in Russia and makes amazing leather bags. I love seeing other people's work spaces and their process for making things. Here is a look inside his studio (the whole post can be seen HERE, via English Russia). He makes everything himself with the occasional help of an assistant. So Maxim, if you are reading this and you need an American mail-order bride/assistant, you just let me know!Prepping the leather with paint and dye.
Placing the pattern and cutting out the leather.
Working on straps.
Using a press to attach straps to the bag
Polishing the edges.
More strap attachment.
Embossing the logo.
Some of my favorite styles:Terry Richardson bag? Random!Click for his WEBSITE and BLOG.


reid.damnit said...

This makes me half and half depressed and inspired...check out this video scout did on BillyKirk http://thescoutmag.com/videos/fashion_accessories/679/billykirk


im loving all these bag designs. i'll check the site right now and see how to own it. nice recommendation!



Rackk and Ruin said...

that terry richardson coin purse reminds me of a similar one i had when i was little (but mine was made from a kangaroo's nutsack) Pretty similar if you ask me. xx