May 11, 2010


Some things from Alameda and Pasadena in the last few weeks. First of all, this bag. With some kind of laser cut pony-hair panels. Really - this is amazing, why did I not snatch this up immediately? Part of why I go to these markets is to be inspired, blah blah, and I didn't even buy this. I suck.
Saddle bag, literally. I love cheeky accessories, anything a little witty or funny. Your silly handbag does not always have to be so serious. I'm digging the mini western saddle with the horn, cantle, stirrups and everything (I looked the terminology up, duh).
And... these boots. I hate myself for passing on them. Why did I do that? They were $15 and totally fucking amazing so who cares if they weren't my size? Faux gold snakeskin with sheer netting boot shaft and swimming gold fish. LAME. Lame lame lame...I should have got them.

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