January 19, 2010


Becca sent me this picture from some magazine because she knew I'd love the zipper glasses. I wrote back right away and said I Need Them. But then, there is the price: $365. Anyone who pays $365 for sunglasses is a total idiot, if you ask me. I am all for splurging on nice things occasionally or spending money on something that's a well-used staple. But sunglasses? For some reason pricey sunglasses really piss me off. It's excessive. If you have that much cash to drop on some shades, I hope you are sending some money along to Haiti or something too.


a print a day said...

i lose or break all my sunglasses anyway.

Caylie said...

i've learned my lesson with buying expensive sunglasses. my first and last pair of dior's were sat on by my friend and replaced with an ugly cheap replica! never again.