November 10, 2009


Been too busy, preoccupied - whatever - to upkeep this stuff, but love my Rose Bowl trips so here was the last one:
Typical - lugging taxidermy and a chair with a Jetta-type thing in the parking lot.
Efty, partner in crime, getting ready. XO!
Leather fringe embroidered pillow covers, quite bitchin.
Pink plastic chandelier, yes please.
Expensive motorcycle poster guys, taking a break from..oh, I don't know, nothing?
Mr. Peanut head, I love you but you're missing your skinny legs on that table which makes me feel weird.
SHADER BLADES for the baby bunny
Mesmerising beanpole and girlfriend
Piles. And piles and piles and piles of stuff.
I like buying stuff off the ground.
Mr Japan, I really loved your pants even though I don't know if you understood what I was trying to tell you. Best fabric ever.


Gnarlitude Jen said...

Ohh the pink chandelier is so great.

Efty said...

the rosebowl misses you.... come back to la....

...or vegas?