October 19, 2009


North London. Here is the small pool. The walls are kind of like a crazy quilt.
Main pool. Built in 1904, derelict since 1991. After the pool was drained, a floor was laid and temporarily turned into a dance hall/boxing ring.Then.NowAll photos from Mechanised and Paul Wood.


gi. said...

seriously loving your blog! nice to see other oaklanders in the blogosphere :)


Table Art said...

My Grandfather was brought up by his Uncle who was superintendent of Tottenham Baths from when it was built in about 1904 till the 2nd world war.He grew up living there and not surprisingly won many prizes for swimming, when he grew up he lived nearby and my mother used to practice her swimming there after school and also reached a high standard.The place was staffed by various members of my family.