September 17, 2009


Since I'm on the subject of Desperately Seeking Susan, can I tell you how much I've always liked the jacket too? I think I'm just realizing my Halloween costume for this year and I have big plans to create a version of this jacket in my own way.
Wow - check out the entire blog dedicated to Desperately Seeking Susan (some of these images lifted from there) put together by some amazing Madonna-obsessed freak:
SCRAPPY MADONNA BLOG . Pretty rad, Scrappy.Whoa...Desperately Seeking Susan Barbie with gold Pyramid jacket. Yes!This is possibly one of my favorite moments in the whole movie that you probably don't remember: Susan eating Cheese Doodles in her white lace gloves.Someone's recreation of the Susan coat. Pretty good.Double Trouble.


Anonymous said...

Actually, that jacket you see in the picture is not a home made rip-off. It's a custom produced official replica made for the release of the movie and was licensed by Madonna's management and the Movie studio.

These were available for a very short time by order and some we're given away on MTV Madonna contests in 1985. They are no longer in production and are very difficult to find.
You do see home made replicas of the jacket but these differ in design and material to the official replicas.

Anonymous said...

I grew up watching this movie and am a huge Madonna fan. I've always remembered the gold pyramid on back of jacket.

Just recently i was reading about celebrity members of the Illuminati including curiosity got to me and had to check out the pyramid symbol again.

Got the confirmation I needed after seeing this webpage with image of jacket with the eye on top of the pyramid and underneath I imagine it translate to New World Order...