August 24, 2009


Sometimes a collection kind of sneaks up on you. In this case, I realized the other day that I have developed quite a collection of 80's superhero and outer space-themed bedding. I buy them when I see them because I love the prints and I always end up cutting them up and sewing them into something. Here's just a few:
Apparently, you don't have to be 5 or work for NASA to think space is cool anymore...cosmic-prints are turning up all over the place. So look forward to some bags lined in space prints from the pillowcase archive...if your bags are a messy as mine, you really will be looking into the bottomless pit of the galaxy or a black hole every time you look for some gum in your purse.


Elizabeth M. said...

That top pillow is so amazing. Is it available somewhere, or did you just find the image. I neeeed it!

Liz said...

Sorry...that pillowcase is mine! Good luck finding one, it's old school.