August 28, 2009


This is a song I love. Crazy dancing ensues always, just can't help it. I don't like beards, never really did, but Rick Ross makes me okay with them at least while I listen to this song.

Major league who catchin' because im pitchin'
Jose Cansaco just snitchin' because he's finish
I feed 'em steriods to strenthen up my chickens
They flyin' over pacific to be specific - ?!?

And with Tupac, I always loved him too, f- the phone number, i like the remix okay ones...


jolyne said...

Love this song too!
And.... I been waiting for a blog ones ones!

ray said...

i carOK this song whenever i can wherever i can

ross is the baddest bitch :]

i really love your space and the beautiful bags you create!! i hope to wrist one on some night real soon!!