July 9, 2009


This is probably only interesting if you grew up in Berkeley, Ca, but here we go. There is a guy that has walked all around Berkeley for years and years, and he always wears this outfit. Black bomber with orange lining, levis, black converse. Since jr. high and high school, Becca and I have seen him, just walking, walking everywhere. We call him Nelson.
We call him Nelson and this is why. He is like a beautiful blond ghost that sweeps around town, always recognizable with that long hair blowing behind him. I always try to take pictures when I see him, but get freaked out that he'll see me...so they are always from behind. Here's the real Nelson, twins Mathew and Gunnar.
Have you seen them lately? Not as fun as in the 80'sthat's for sure.


The Six Six Sick Girls said...

This is pretty crazy, I never knew who the original Nelson was but I love those pictures.



NELSON! LIZ THAYER! Once i yelled "NELSON" at Nelson & he yelled at me, "I AIN'T NO FAG, ROCKER!" Word on the street is that he was a skinhead in the 80s & was in the Punk scene. He works construction also. According to my probably not great info sources. Oh, also, his name is Dave.