June 1, 2009


Jim Jarmusch, 1984. This movie made such an impression on me - you should really see it if you haven't. John Lurie and crew - so super cool. Amazing style, so good in every way.This is the scene where she says "I don't like this dress" or something like that and throws it into the garbage. I don't like dresses, either.
My dream is always to hop in a car and just go anywhere far away at any given moment... go where the wind blows you. Sometimes, you gotta just go with the flow.

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Jenni said...

I remember when I first saw this movie and became obsessed with JJ in Santa Cruz! You know, back when we were in college smoking pot off of a large organic lawn sculpture.

Also... Mystery Train, where the Japanese girl puts on 10 T-shirts at once, because there is no room in her suitcase and they are part of her collection! One of them had a bullseye, I remember... I want one. Plus, she had that awesome leather jacket.

"To be 16... in America... feels cool."