May 13, 2009


Total studded overload. I made this little bag/wallet thing with some of my leather scraps and leftover studs. Brass and's really heavy with all that metal on there. I got no Bedazzler....these are all set by hand.
I was also a little inspired by the blingy allover sparkle of disco balls. Must have been from looking at all the images when I did my disco ball post a while back.
I love studs, but I'll be moving along. Too much of a good thing can get old. I'll still be making my the studded clutches, but I've got a lot more I want to work on. I'll have a small collection of studded bags and clutches in-store soon, I'll let you know when they are up!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! loving this!!!!!

Isabella Wolf said...

you goin to the top kid! Total winner!

Girls On Beads said...

Your stuff Is the coolest ever!
We think you could sell well In denmark! We will talk alot about you on our blog :-)

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

oh i love...I WANT I WANT!