April 7, 2009


I made this moccasin because I wanted some nice flashy footwear. It's hand-sewn in bright orange leather with orange & black thunderbolt canvas lining. Only problem is, I can't bring myself to make the other now. I've got too many other projects and this is one more to add to the pile of "things I might finish someday." So if anyone has a friends with just one leg or foot, send them along and I'm happy to sell at 50% off. Seriously? Nah.


a print a day said...

pretty darn hot liz. make the other one! how long did it take you?

rackkandruin said...

dude, i just realized you aren't on my blogroll!! how did i let that happen. . . i'm fixing that right now!! xx

rackkandruin said...

dude, you have to finish the other one and rock these for serioussss