April 29, 2009


Of course I love these shoes, available at OAK. Description reads "white studded canvas shoe"...but I think the studs actually look more like snaps? That would be cool, too. Either way, if I had these, I would do my fancy high-kick dance move in them. Maybe I'll share that move with you at some point, if you're very, very lucky.


natalie said...

ahahahhaah thats my favorite move of yours :) i consider myself lucky to know you FOR sure! enjoy your new parrot friends. i hope they comfort you during DV when you get those glitter stripper shoes in. :-D peace

natalie said...

oh and of course those f-troupe shoes are divine. i also like the black perforated star oxfords.

ms.maya said...

i believe that pictures of your signature move do exist!