April 27, 2009


I spotted and stalked this cute girl at the Rose Bowl flea market. She had a tote bag, made out of chiffon...I'm sure she made it herself. Tote bags are usually tough and you just cram all you stuff in there - they are a sturdy group of bags. So I liked the idea of making one out of chiffon - kind of impractical but stonger than you think and a very different fabrication than the norm...you go, cute girl! You get an A+ for originality. Sorry I was being creepy and taking secret photos of you. I liked your big velveet hair bow also, by the way. Very Sarah Crew.


sarah full of grace. said...

that's actually a free people shopping bag! anytime you purchase something from them, they put it in an adorable reusable tote bag!

Liz! said...

Oh...good to know. Thanks for the info!