June 16, 2009


Oh my god, this post was really just going to be about the cool lips clutch I saw on Delightful's blog, and then it morphed into this whole crazy thing! What can I say except red lips will always be cool. They've inspired countless designers, photographers, artists, and musicians, and here's just a small portion of my favorite lips images.
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotos of Karen Elson by Solve SundsboKristen Dunst for Miu MiuThe ladies from Robert Palmer's videos made luscious red lips famous in the 80's. Simply Irresistible.Jesus Christ.
Jolyne, queen of bodacious lips.
Kacie and JoJo, rocking the red.
Garance Dore illustration.
YSL really red lipstick. It just looks so lethal. Marc Jacobs lipstick pen. If you don't know what this is, then I'm not telling you. But it's not really lipstick.Icons and logos. There's so many.Delightful has this clutch...which I think I am in love with. It prompted all of this investigation into lips shaped bags.And Lulu Guinness makes one too, Vintage enamel red lips pin with rhinestone teeth. So pimp.The creepy but awesome jewelry by Margaux Lange, all made from Barbie parts.Marilyn lips sofa manufactured by Gufram of Italy.And the Mae West one by Salvador Dali, 1938. Or Man Ray?And this 80's lips phone, which you can buy here for $53. I wanted it really bad but got one of those clear phones instead. It was a toss up between the two, but now I wish I'd gone for the lips.Lips sunglasses here.Samskiart on Etsy - embroidered kissesWax lips? I think they are kind of gross but we've all goofed off with them at some point.Kid Robot sweatshirtTom Ford for YSL blazerTom Ford for YSL shoes with enamel lips, 2003.Colette x Married to the Mob x Reekbok lip sneaks.Nike Kisses hi-tops

It really just goes on and on and on....


Yasmine said...

i forgot where this was, but it was here in the bay and the sidewalk had hundred molded lips coming out of the cement. i think it was up in marin.

that robert palmer video was so hot.


whoa, that's some dedication right there, totally into it.

RIFE said...

must try 203 lipstick from makeup forever. try it at sephora. HOT NEON pink. saw your bags at oak nyc. nice!